Sillberghaus Panorama

Please note that, on Saturday the 26th of September (from 13.00h), Saturday the 3rd of October ( from 13.00h) and 4th of October (till13.00h) the Sillberghaus is closed for hiker and day- guests because of a private event. We thank you for your understanding!


Welcome to Slowing Down

Sillberghaus: Almbad & Lodge

Coming from Bayrischzell towards Landl you will find the Sillberghaus parking lot at the Tiroler Street after approx. 3km. From there it will take you only about 25 minutes to the unique located Sillberghaus. The slightly remote alp area already fascinated in the 30s and was treasured by hikers, tourists and ‘Lebenskuenstler’.

Our guests are primarily positive individuals between 28 and 60 years. They want to escape the daily grind without having the trouble of a long journey. Time is true luxury for them. Time in nature, time for the family, time for the partner or simply time to find oneself. Let’s call it ‘slowing down ’…

Welcome to the Sillberghaus!